Canon 5100 Error How to Fix?

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Canon 5100 error How to Fix – Might mean you are is: Error 5100 on Canon Printers. Canon 5100 error is often called the Canon 2700 general error 5100 (Canon 5100 Error) , it is usually because they are not detected by the Printer Cartridge.

 Canon 5100 Error How to Fix?

Canon 5100 Error
Canon 5100 Error

Error messages that appear on the monitor is “Error Number 5100” So this error 5100 message informing that the printer can not find the cartridge. Here I give some tips on troubleshooting 5100 I will try to explain in this post, and these tips often I do if I experience a Canon 5100 printer error.

Steps to Fix canon 5100 error On your Canon printer:

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Remove the cartridge from the printer
  3. Use a cloth moistened with alcohol to clean the surface of the contact / terminal connector touch Cartridge printer / could also use a pencil eraser
  4. Switch Turn printer cartridges
  5. Turn on the printer

Error 5100 ( canon 5100 error) and has not appeared again, I hope this solution will be useful to you. If your printer is still an error but not the 5100 error, please find another printer tutorial on How to Reset Canon 2770.